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Independent Professional Supervised Visitation Monitoring Service.  Orange County, California



Supervised visitation can also be a challenge for you. Typically you have been taking care of your child's everyday needs and have a routine for yourself and your family. Supervised visitation can sometimes feel like one more responsibility. Of course you also have concerns and questions about the visits and how they will affect your child. This is understandable. In difficult times you may also want to talk to a mental health professional or find a support group where you can talk about your feelings. Here are a few suggestions that might help you in the process:

Read the Court Order / Custody Order thoroughly

 Explain to your child where and when the visits will take place

 Have your child ready on time and be prompt

 Reassure your child that you support him or her in having a pleasant visit.

Do not quiz your child about the visit

 Do not make your child a messenger to the other party.


       r- time together Fees


Monitoring Service Fee’s

Initial Information Intake Interview: $40.00 per parent, plus drive time.

Offsite Visitation: $40 per hour, Minimum of two hours.
 (Payment is due at the beginning of the visit)

2 Hours Basic rate applies, unless special circumstances exist.


Supervised Exchange: Refers to the transfer of a child from the custodial to the noncustodial parent at the start of the parent/child contact and back to the custodial parent at the end of the contact.
Cost: $60. per exchange


(Cancellation of visits require 24 hour notice, otherwise full payment is due.).
*Pick up and drop off of child(ren) is considered as an additional hour.
If driving (using Monitors R-Time  automobile) is required an additional $10.00 per hour is added.

Drive time is considered as an additional time depending on distance.


(r-) time together

Length of Visit(s):
2 hour minimum
8 hour maximum (Unless set up in advance).

Hours/days of Visitations:
Weekends and weekday evenings
NOTE:    Holiday availability at
double the rate.

Language:  English

Exchange Monitoring:
Exchange monitoring available $80-$100 per hour

Please note: Visits to amusement parks, theaters, restaurant (meals) cost for the Monitor are to be paid for by the parent(s) requesting the Monitor.


Visitation Notes:
Available at no charge other than the cost of copying.
Visitation Reports:
Prepared by Monitor from notes at $25.00
per report with 10 business days notice.
Progress Reports:
Progress Reports: $100.00 per report within a 10 business day notice.

Court Appearance & Depositions fees:
$300.00 for two hours and $150 for every hour thereafter.
Full fee required if canceled within 24 hours of appearance.
Half fee required if canceled within 24  to 48 hours of appearance.
No fee if canceled more than hours 48 hours of appearance.
All fees to be paid IN CASH or MONEY ORDER prior to service.

Special Reports for Medical and Therapist fee required.
Fees for reports  requested by Medical and Therapist professionals are to be
paid by the the Medical and/or Therapist requesting the reports directly to the Monitor and then billed to the client. Fee will be based on requirements of Medical and/or Therapist requirements.

 Rates subject to change as posted on this web site.

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