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Independent Professional Supervised Visitation Monitoring Service.  Orange County, California



Supervised visitation can also be a challenge for you. Typically you have been taking care of your child's everyday needs and have a routine for yourself and your family. Supervised visitation can sometimes feel like one more responsibility. Of course you also have concerns and questions about the visits and how they will affect your child. This is understandable. In difficult times you may also want to talk to a mental health professional or find a support group where you can talk about your feelings. Here are a few suggestions that might help you in the process:

Read the Court Order / Custody Order thoroughly

 Explain to your child where and when the visits will take place

 Have your child ready on time and be prompt

 Reassure your child that you support him or her in having a pleasant visit.

Do not quiz your child about the visit

 Do not make your child a messenger to the other party.



Supervised Visitation: A generic term that describes parent/child contact overseen by a third party. It is also a term for contact between a noncustodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a third person, in which the only focus is the protection and safety of the child and adult participants.

Supervised Exchange: Refers to the transfer of a child from the custodial to the noncustodial parent at the start of the parent/child contact and back to the custodial parent at the end of the contact. The supervision is usually limited to the exchanges, with the remainder of the noncustodial parent/child contact unsupervised. Exchanges may be supervised on-or-off the site, the location may be specified in the court order or it will occur in an agreed upon location between the parents and the provider. A supervised exchange may also be referred to as "exchange monitoring," "supervised transfer," "monitored exchange," "safe exchange," and "neutral drop-off/pick-up."

(r-) time together has a strict policy on maintaining neutrality between both the custodial and non-custodial parents. We understand the issues you are facing now are difficult, and we will treat everyone with equal respect.

Communications between clients and
(r-) time together are not confidential and therefore are not protected by privilege. The therapist / client privilege does not apply during therapeutic supervision. (r-) time together maintains strict confidentiality and does not release information regarding the case except when ordered by the Court; subpoenaed to produce records or testify in Court; requested by a mediator, or Guardian in conjunction with a Court ordered mediation, investigation or evaluation, or requested by CPS (Child Protective Services), the Department of Children & Families, or by Law Enforcement or as otherwise directed by the Court.
(r-) time together monitors are required to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement authorities, The Court and Child Protective Services. *


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